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defaultRequestHeaders - Variable in class com.jaunt.UserAgentSettings
Map holding the default headers that the UserAgent sends with every HttpRequest; keys are header names (eg "user-agent") and values are header values (eg "Jaunt/0.9.x")
delete() - Method in class com.jaunt.Node
Deletes this node and all its children/descendants from the dom tree, and sets this element's parent attribute to null; does nothing if this element has no parent.
delete(File) - Static method in class com.jaunt.util.IOUtil
Deletes the specified file.
deleteFolder(File) - Static method in class com.jaunt.util.IOUtil
Deletes the specified folder, and any contents it may contain.
doc - Variable in class com.jaunt.UserAgent
The Document created as a result of the most recent request, where response type was HTML or XML.
DOCTYPE - Static variable in class com.jaunt.Comment
commentType constant denoting comment of type DOCTYPE (eg, <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">)
Document - Class in com.jaunt
Represents an HTML, XHTML, or XML Document
DOCUMENT_TYPE - Static variable in class com.jaunt.Node
Node type constant denoting a Document node.
download(String, File) - Method in class com.jaunt.UserAgent
Downloads and saves the content at the specified url as the specified File, overwriting the file if it already exists; this method does not invoke the parser, and therefore UserAgent.doc is set to an empty Document; UserAgent.response is created to represent the HttpResponse.
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