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Jaunt Java Web Scraping & Automation API

Sept 17, 2014
0.9.9 Release!

Test drive Jaunt today and leave feedback in the forum to help shape the next release!
Jaunt Beta is a new, free, Java web-scraping/automation library. The API presents a lightweight, headless browser for interfacing with websites and web-apps. Jaunt makes it easy to parse, traverse, search, extract and filter HTML & XML data. It provides three levels of abstraction: DOM-level, component-level, and browser-level. It is an ideal API for web automation where Javascript is not required, including:
  • filling out and submitting forms
  • creating web-bots or web-scraping programs.
  • interfacing with REST APIs or web-apps.
  • automated testing.
Jaunt Beta is free [see product comparison]. Features include:
  • HTML, XHTML, XML parsing.
  • Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, basic auth.
  • Form fill-out via field labels/names/sequence.
  • Automatic form permutation.
  • File downloading/uploading.
  • Saving complete web page (images, js, css, etc).
  • Table data extraction.
  • DOM navigation, search & search chaining.
  • Regex-enabled querying.
  • HTTP header/cookie manipulation.
  • HTTP/HTTPS proxy support.
  • Customizable caching.
  • Customizabe content handlers.
  • 100% Java (no dependencies)